# cci.dev


Coral Carrier Incarnadine

- CORAL CARRIER INCARNADINE is the vessel you captain. -

- SAALTERE is your XO. -

Somewhere beneath the Great Pacific Garbage Patch…

SAALTERE: Good afternoon, CAPTAIN. The engineers are reporting the mycelial network was sabotaged beyond maritime repair.

SAALTERE: VONYCH hacked together a make-shift interface with one of the salvaged sound computers. This is our only interface to the CC Incarnadine. Some of the various HID devices you have lying about should be compatible…

SAALTERE: VONYCH is still working on unlocking more subsystems. For now, you have my assurances you have everything you need to continue the mission: inventory management, drone ops, and cartogrammatics.

SAALTERE: …and I say “you” because this is our singular working interface. I’ll dust you when we get more flashed.


CAPTAIN: Thank you, SAALTERE. Dismissed.

SAALTERE: Aye, CAPTAIN. I’ll leave you to it.