# The Stack Iterations


UI/UX Heuristics v2022-02-02

  1. Clarity MUST come first. This is the golden rule.
  2. Consistency SHOULD always follow. Some exceptions are OK, especially for dramatic effect.
  3. All availabe player actions MUST always be visually represented.
  4. Elements MUST follow a strict adherence to the grid. The grid is 8x16 and composed of 8px square blocks.
    1. Elements MUST be aligned to the north-west corner of a block, UNLESS it is a special case.
    2. “Margin” MUST exist only on the south and east edges of a block.
  5. Pixel column 128 MUST always be reserved for the scrollbar.
  6. Horizontal scrolling MUST never occur. Text MAY crawl horizontally, however.
  7. Only three levels may be used for UI: 0%, 50%, and 100%. Some exceptions are OK, especially for dramatic effect.
  8. “Active” elements MUST be 100%.
  9. “Inactive” elements MUST be 50%.
  10. CCI statistic numbers MUST be displayed with inverted “knock out” boxes.
  11. All menu actions MUST have an accompanying sound.
  12. “Eastward” actions MUST dive into more detail.
  13. “Westward” actions MUST rise away from detail.

Navigation Iteration 149:


Navigation Iteration 150:


Navigation Iteration 151:


Navigation Iteration 152:


Navigation Iteration 153:


Navigation Iteration 154 (approved):


Navigation Iteration 154 (grid):