- HECATOMB is the AI of the Coral Carrier Incarnadine. -

HECATOMB: CAPTAIN, I have a solution for our mitigation ops. Look, these are fundamentally a challenge of probabilities. And we only have 128 x 64 pixels to work with. I am capable of parsing a continuous n+1 stream of feedback data during a given mitigation. Instead of trying to expose this complexity to you, I’m going to harvest my surveillance logs for all your actions during our time together.

HECATOMB: From there I’ll spin up a Corpus with our auxiliary mycelium learning. The Corpus - your tupla or doppleganger or whatever - will be working just upstream from you. Right between you two, I’ll install a few HP filters and heuristic models. From there, dump the probabilities into your norns screen.

HECATOMB: So, forgive me. Captain, but the most elegant way to do this… we’re going to play a game. With cards. Clubs, Queens, Jokers and all that. You’ll figure it out. I’m the house. Your Corpus is casino security. The mitigation op is the opponent. Except - you and me and the Corpus - we’re all on the same side, see. That means I’ll be able to help you out when I can spare the MP. Slip a few chips under the cards, yeah?


CAPTAIN: Thank you, HECATOMB. Dismissed.

HECATOMB: Aye, CAPTAIN. I’ll leave you to it.